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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 15, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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westbound from berkeley to emeryville with headlights headed in the westbound direction but getting busy but no major stalls or accidents to slow you up. kristen? eric? >> developing news from russia. more than 725 people have been injured after a meteorite over siberia 950 miles east of now last night. video from youtube shows most mostly bright lights before it broke up. the public of injured is grow as if you reports come in from small towns in the area. katie marzullo will have a live more in 30 minutes. >> right now, an elementary school is ready to re-open this morning after a late night shooting left one dead.
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our reporter joining us live from hillside elementary in san leandro. amy? >> the campus is closed and the kids the be allowed to return to school and there will be a crisis team here if the kid want to talk about what happened on their campus. friends and fell of the victim turn this campus into a memorial last night holding a vigil for the 19-year-old. the college student was shot to death on wednesday night before 9:00. investigators say he may have been playing a dice game on the hillside elementary school campus before he was killed. his mother says he didn't have enemies. >> my son did not deserve what happened to him. at all. he should still be with me the i should not have to bury my baby. >> foster was a registered freshman for the college football team this year and also played at the high school in
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oakland. investigators have not made any arrests or named any suspects. the school was closed down yesterday so investigators could look for evidence on the campus but it will be open today. >> thank you. san francisco police are investigating a chase that results in an officer shooting at a suspect ending in a four-car crash at 5th and mission, five people including the suspect were injured and this started when an officer in an unmarked car spotted the stolen vehicle near market and 8th street last night with spike strips put out and the driver went on the card to avoid them and the officer on the car feared for his safety and shot at the suspect but missed him. in san jose there was an apatient murder-suicide. a man shot a woman he was involved to before taking his
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own life after 4:00 p.m., a house mate heard the shots found the bodies and called police. several people would live at home are now being questioned. the char body found in the burned cabin in the mountains has been identified positively at fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner the suspect in four murders and was cornered in a mountain cabin after a week on the run much the stand off whenned when the cabin went up in flames. a man charged with the murder of vallejo police officer is due in court today to re-enter the pleas. he shot the man during a chase following a bank robbery. the officer was a 19-year veteran. smith has pleaded not guilty to capital murder charges. >> people who turn their guns in at marin county during a gun buy back slow a month ago and received vouchers can turn them in for cash at the marin civic center.
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850 weapons were turned in during the january 15 buy back in marin and the county handed out vouchers and the shortfall is covered by private donations and the marin board of supervisors and city council. if you receive add voucher you can redeem it for cash from 11 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. this evening. >> new this morning, foreclosure activity is plunging here in california, the monthly foreclosure report released shows for the first time since january of 2007 the golden state did not have the most properties in the country with foreclosure filings. stockton is the only california city now among the top ten in the nation for the highest foreclosure rates. from sacramento this morning, state lawmakers are considering a proposal that will ban police from using condoms as evidence against prostitutes. san francisco assembly man is drafting the bill saying it would save lives because prostitute would not have to
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choose between safe sex or unprotected sex out of fear of arrest. the bill does not legalize prostitution but other evidence has to be used. >> a $20 million anonymous donation, a sudden windfall for a bay area school and planning under way for what to do. >> no bed, no food, no water. how does that sound? >> sounds like jail. >> kind of. here is a look at mobile, alabama, and you know that, we will hear from the passengers, the passengers are finally back on dry land. >> looking at the bay bridge from the east bay camera, you can see the traffic moving, sue hall looking out for trouble spots and mike nicco has the holiday forecast coming up in a couple of
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>> and now, the fog, one area we talked about yesterday still has fog, santa rosa at half mile visibility. and temperatures in some area, there could be records, concord at 71 and napa at 70. more 60's closer to the coast but that is warmer-than-average, too. now, extended through the holiday weekend, tomorrow, a lot like day, maybe one or two more clouds and temperatures cool on
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sunday and in the 50's on the coast and mid-60's for the rest of us and mid-60's on the coast for monday. but dry all three days. sue? >> happy friday. we are checking back, now, in hair, the off-ramp from southbound area is slowing through hayward through 880. and an accident car hit a center decide and flipped to the left lane and c.h.p. is on the scene with possible slowing. solo spinout on skyline boulevard southbound is still in the lanes. good news for westbound 4, the ramp to north 680, approaching the antioch bridge has been cleared of the big rig and debris. >> it is 6:11. new this morning, the palo alto unified school district is getting $20 million to renovate a school and it is coming from an anonymous donor. the donation comes from a parent
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of a student at palo alto high school. the money will update the high school's indoor athletic facilities with construction starting by may of next year. it take as year to complete. >> tiger, helicopter, and now a snowplow mom, my special report on a parenting trend and a warren from a san francisco psychologist. >> but, first, on dry land, passengers aboard the crippled cruise ship describe
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> we are back and looking at 24 hour temperature change, three degrees warmer in concord and fremont and the same as yesterday in oakland and santa rosa, maybe one degree cooler in san francisco and san jose. it going to be gorgeous again. summer like if you like the sunshine and warmer than average warmer. mild this morning, 39 inland and mid-40's around the bay and to the coast and all of us in the low-to-mid 60's by noon and up to 70 by 4:00. if you have to work today, enjoy the gorgeous evening, low-to-upper 50's under clear sky. eric? >> the last passengers on the crippled carnival cruise ship disembarked ending a five-day ordeal that turned what should have been a relaxing vacation into a real horror show. now live to mobile, alabama, and what the passengers are saying about the five days in hell. >> first, we will give you a look at what is happening right
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now, there are tugboats ready to tow the ship to a different dock in mobile, so the mechanics can lock at it. those passengers are finally headed home. >> dry land at last. carnival passengers kissing the ground as they leave the cruise ship prison. >> the sewer backed up. there would be 6 itch all over the ship in the dining area where we ate and people would slip and fall in it and the smell was terrible. the external and lack of electricity drove many of the more than 4,000 people on board to live and sleep on the deck a fight mayor began on sunday when the four engines were knocked out by fire. they were stranded in the gulf
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of mexico. >> you did not necessity if it would explode, chasm -- catch on fire. we did not see any sign of life which is scary on the water. >> after eight days at sea, tugboats slowly brought the ship to dock in mobile, alabama. the c.e.o. of carnival going on board offering reimburse president, free cruise, $500 and apology. >> this is very difficult and i want to apologize again for subjecting our guests to that. >> many passengers feel that is not enough as they board buses finally headed toward home. (inaudible). >> some of the buses drove straight to texas where the cruise originated and others took a shorter trip to new orleans so the passengers to take a hot shower and get rest before flying home today. we are live in mobile, alabama, for abc7 news.
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>> tonight on "20/20" a look at what went wrong. troubles waters is the topic of the show tonight right here on abc7 followed by abc7 news at 11. i heard some talking about the fact the ship had two engine rooms and it should have been redundant but the fire in one room knocked out fire to everything. >> i am sure they will look. i am glad we were not hearing "my heart will go on" music. >> we are all happy we did not hear that. >> now, mike nicco has the holiday weekend and president's day and people planning if city week. >> planning to snow for the best snow we have had in a long time. this weekend, it will be a lot of groomed slopes as we have had a couple of inches only in the last seven days in the sierra. a beautiful sunrise we are waiting for here as we look at
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our camera toward the port of oak, gorgeous-looking morning and a lack of clouds. as far as live doppler 7 hd, it is showing clear conditions out there and dry air this morning. as far as what we are deeming with temperature-wise we are all over the place. from the mid-to-upper 30's in santa rosa and fairfield to 44 in san jose, and mountain view to 50 in oakland and 52 in san francisco and nearly 60 at half moon bay. inland, mid-to-upper 40's and 36 in gilroy. sunshine. warm temperatures today and tomorrow. a bonus day tomorrow. cooling starts on sunday. the wet pattern, notice i say "pattern" a wet pattern develops tuesday. today, we will look souths low-to-mid 70's in the south bay and mainly low 70's on the
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peninsula and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and downtown south south san francisco and ls in the valley and low 70's along east bay shoreline with low 70's in the east bay valley. in the monterey bay, low-to-mid 70's with he to mid 70's, also, inland. tonight, upper 30's in cloverdale and santa rosa and san francisco could be 50. two areas of high pressure dominating the weather that moved to the north yesterday and we got under the area with offshore wind that will hang around today and tomorrow. on tuesday, you can see the rain coming in for the better part of tuesday, and tuesday night but by wednesday afternoon, this starts to slip and notice all the snow we are getting in the sierra at that time of the temperatures next week will be in the 50's. have a great day. suest. >> a couple of problems slowing southbound commute through hayward and fremont, southbound
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880 slowing because of the accident on the off-ramp and conditions are under the limit and southbound 880 before the parkway an accident with a spinout with a truck hitting the guardrail which now is cleared. we have a new accident, rather, a stall, northbound 17 at glenn wood cut off in the santa cruz mountains is a stalled santa cruz bus, a metro bus. kristen and eric? >> we are continuing to follow our developing news overseas, a meteor shower leaves hundreds injured and the new individual i -- new video coming in from overnight. >> and snow -- now how far
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>> and now possible record high temperatures in santa rosa, napa and concord in the low 70's and upper 60's around san francisco and half moon bay. live doppler 7 hd covering the entire state, showing it is clear. 70's through the central valley. 60 in eureka and 69 in big sur. no new snow? the sierra and 50's today and tomorrow. headed down to los angeles, look at this, 80 today and tomorrow and 71 on sunday.
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>> you probably have heard of helicopter parenting but have you heard of snowplow parenting? a new trend among today's parents in a competitive world. experts warn it should be accompanied by the sign "danger ahead." >> parents cop in all types. we play tiger mom. >> they will do piano until they are 11. >> or helicopter parents. >> i have one child i-10ed -- nurture him more. >> now the snowplow parents who push obstacles out of their child's way. bad grades or even overlooked on sports team. a mother of two boys. >> i have the tools to pull out to be a snowplow or helicopter or dive bomber.
6:24 am
>> snow how helps get a prime position on the baseball team. >> i brought cup takes to baseball and realized the coach doesn't like lemon so i baked new cupcakes and brought them to a house that evening for the family to share. >> she snowplowed away imperfections to ensure a good role for her role. when he is in the shower singing why say a word but for the week before audition, absolutely when there are stakes involved. >> the parenting style and those of her friends are not uncommon. their children are already successful. experts including psychologists are concerned with the more extreme trend toward overly involved parenting. >> they teach their children a terrible lesson. >> what is that terrible lesson? tonight on abc7 news at 11 we have insight from coaches and
6:25 am
asked professionals how you raise independent children. that is what we all want, right? >> all-important information. >> those are all good mothers, great caring and loving moms but we use different techniques at different times but where is the balance? >> looking forward to seeing it. >> new this morning, blade runner goes to court the emotional. outburst from oscar pistorius facing murder charges. >> the scene possibly of a hollywood movie with meteorites falling from the sky overnight creating panic. >> san francisco police fire shots at a stolen car suspect during a dramatic chase. coming up, we will show you what happened next. >> good morning, the abc7 traffic center, look at this, the bay bridge friday "lite" with more traffic proposal
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, february 15, a day after valentine's day at 6:29. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. holiday weekend ahead. what is the weather going to be like to get out of town? mike? >> it is nice. we do thought have to deal with rain. or fog in most neighborhoods. you can see live doppler 7 hd is quiet and dry. we have fog in the north bay around santa rosa. that is it. we are off to a clean start at 40 to 50 degrees. by noon we are at 60 and in the afternoon we will touch 70 degrees. 36 to 45 is the spread inland through 7:00 and 57 to 62 at noon and how nice it will be outside sunshine at 4:00 and
6:29 am
still 67 to 72 and a pleasant evening with low-to-mid 50's. at the coast we have the warmest temperatures right now at the coast, 45 to 50 degrees through 7:00 and we will be near 60 with a little bit of a breeze blowing in from the east, not the unusual northwestern wind and above average at 4:00, 52 to 66 and a comfortable evening, at 53 to 58 degrees. sue? >> this are a few hot spots with a new accident in san jose southbound 880 the off-ramp partly blocked. otherwise, a couple of problems the off-ramp from southbound 880 , still an accident and fighting slowing and an accident 880, that was a truck that has been cleared out of the lanes. we will look at san rafael move
6:30 am
beyond the civic center toward lincoln and traffic is moving light and i call it friday lite. >> in russia they are assessing massive damage after a meteor light shower on the out are edge of siberia 950 miles eat -- east of now. now, we have incredible video. >> new information on how many are injured. reports are around 700 people are injured and some report 900 injureed. most of the injuries are from broken glass and hundreds of buildings are damaged and schools are closed. i talked with an expert on the phone who says this is incredibly rare and scary for people who witnessed it. people thought war had broken out. this youtube video is from russia with the streaking of the meteor and the intense flash of
6:31 am
light. the academy of science from russia estimates it weighed ten tons and entered at 33,000 miles per hour and exploded between 18 and 32 miles above earth. i talked with the assistant director of the planetarium in san francisco and he says meteors enter the atmosphere all the time but not often over populated areas. breaking the glass and being caught on the camera all over russia...this is exciting. it doesn't happen very often. it is for some a once-in-a-lifetime happening. >> 20,000 troops are on alert in russia and there are three aircraft doing surveys from above. the search groups have been set up to look for the remains of the meteorite. nasa can track objects if they are big enough but the agency did not know this was coming
6:32 am
there is so much stuff out there scientists are working to change that by building and launching a satellite that would track what is called "near earth objects." >> nasa is emphasizing that there is no connection between the meteor over russia and a huge asteroid making a close trip across earth. nasa says it will be the best opportunity ever to monitor a near miss by something so large. it is half 9 size of a football field. oakland space and science there is has a telescope viewing party at 7:00 tonight and nasa is broadcasting it on the web site at under "see it on tv." >> there was chaos in san francisco resulting in a shooting and chase and multi-car
6:33 am
pileup. we are joined from 5th and mission to plain how this unfolded. cornell? >> stolen car suspect behind bars this morning after causing a major accident after a police chase right here at 5th and mission streets. police cleared the scene but they say the driver of a stolen town car being pursued by undercover officers collided with a taxicab. two other cars were hit and there were injuries. police fired shots at the stolen car suspect. moments before that after the driver may have tried to run down an officer when police tried to stop the car. >> officers in front of the station actually laid down spike strips to disable the vehicle and the suspect vehicle drove on the sidewalk and that is where an officer was on the sidewalk deploying the spike strips discharged the firearm fearing for his safety and other
6:34 am
pedestrians on the sidewalk. >> the officer was not hurt and the spike strips were put down and the suspect was not hit by the officer's gunfire but he was arrested without incident. some folks were involved including the taxicab driver but everyone is expected to be okay this morning. >> thank you. from antioch, a 14-year-old girl has died after being hit by a car trying to cross the street at the intersection of hillcrest avenue in antioch, at 6:45. the girl was airlifted to a local hospital but did not survive. it does not appear the driver was drinking or speeding and is cooperating. >> from south africa this morning, the prosecution will pursue a premeditated murder charge against olympic track star oscar pistorius, the double
6:35 am
amputee was charged with murdering his girlfriend. oscar pistorius sobbed as the judge read the charge in a courtroom. yesterday, oscar pistorius' girlfriend, 30-year-old reeva steenkamp was shot and killed inside his home. a statement from his family this morning says they dispute claims he murdered his girlfriend in the strongest terms. >> it is 6:36. the east bay elementary school where students are returning to class this morning after a murder investigation shut down the campus. >> but, first, four years have passed since the murder of a whom and a celebration to remember her young life. stay tuned. an) 3 days of walking
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>> coming up on 6:40 and a look at high compared to averages was everyone is well above average from seven degrees warmer in napa and san francisco to 11 in livermore. check out the temperatures in san francisco, 68. everyone else is in the low 70's this afternoon. possible record high in concord and oakland and napa and santa rosa. we will see a little more temperatures in the 60's at our beaches and in san francisco and san rafael and richmond and vallejo. how long will the warm last? through tomorrow, anyway, and cooler weather sunday and monday but dry the entire holiday week. enjoy it. >> c.h.p. update the location of this accident in san jose. they are now calling it the on-ramp to southbound 880 which originally was reported at the off-ramp. you will find and slow traffic
6:39 am
with slowing in the area. the off-ramp continues to be blocked southbound 880 because of an accident southbound on 880 cleared, as well, and crowdeds as well, and northbound 17 at glenn wood, still with a stalled bus blocking the right lane and we had the metering lights turned on with a bit of a backup, but, relatively minor. >> the family of murder victim is bringing back a city-wide event for children next month. the "contra costa times" reports it is happy three weeks from today in trayy. she was headed to a neighbor's mobile home and that neighborhood, a 30-year-old sunday service is now serving life imprisonment for the murder >> a man accused of slamming a police officer against a wall
6:40 am
and what led up to the violent encounter. >> look at the big board on wall street, the dow is up 20 points. we will go to the new york stock exchange. >> students are ready to return to the east bay elementary school that turned into a murder scene and the victim was at the wrong
6:41 am
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>> this is abc7 news. >> if you are traveling start with a look at what is going on right now in the past three hours with radar, across the entire state, extend through the central valley and 69 to big sir, and head up to the sierra
6:43 am
where it is 52 and only going to be cooler on sunday, and in southern california, 80 today in los angeles and tomorrow and 71 on sunday and looks to be dry with both areas through the weekend but rain is on way on monday and snow is coming into the sierra on tuesday. >> eric? >> time to check with josh for a preview of what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good friday morning to all of you. we have breaking news. a meteor shower sparked a deadly explosion that left hundreds injured in southern russia. we have the latest from the seen next right here on "good morning america" ahead. >> the school day will begin in an hour at san leandro school after a murder investigation forced students to stay home an entire day. amy joins us live from hillside
6:44 am
elementary. >> hundreds of children will arrive in the hour and many them probably looking to have valentine's day parties they missed yesterday. school was closed. to friends and family of the murder victim, this is now a very sad place to them the they held a vigil here at the campus last night, 24 hours after he was killed here. investigators are looking into the possibility that the 19 -year-old may have been killed over a game of dice. he was found before 9:00 on the campus on wednesday night at hillside elementary suffering from a gunshot wound and died at the hospital. friends and family saw he had a bright future ahead it. >> you see someone that you try to help and mold their life and get them and keep them on the right track and then bad things hurts. >> he was a registered freshman
6:45 am
on the college football team this year and a graduate of an oakland high school where he played football. authorities canceled classes after school yesterday to conduct their investigation but it will be open today and they will have a crisis team here at school just in case the children want to talk about what happened. >> thank you. almost 6:47. new this morning the search is on for a man wanted for assaulting a police officer and escaping while the officers with traying to handcuff him. it started as a traffic stop in the park lot of the nimitz motel last night detectives say the suspect from union city took off running when the officer caught up with him and the 22-year-old tried to grab the officer's gun and the two scuffle asked he managed to get away after a five hour search involving the c.h.p. and alameda sheriff he had not been found. >> how you can get charged at
6:46 am
buffalo wild wings. >> and air bus trying to avoid using the same battery that turns boeing 787 dreamliner into a nightmare. jane? >> good morning, everyone, airbus is dropping the batteries from the new a350 because of uncertainty of the technology grounding the boeing 787 dreamliner and the european plane maker is going back to conventional batteries but will monitor the technology and the test life. speaking of flying, the way wings are priced could be changed at buffalo wild wings charging by weight rather than the number of pieces at 60 stores. they have raised prices lately and in the process of getting feedback from customers to make a final decision by the time it rolls out the new menu in august. here is what the markets look, same story, different day here,
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and we have had a very tight trading range this week and that certainly is continuing today with the markets little changed. the silicon valley index, hardly moving, also. and a new feature that you have to pay if with the new feature, you can promote friends' post and they show up higher in your news feed with a $7 fee. sony is ready to up veil play station 4 in new york on february 20 and there will build more realistic game play and entertainment options as they try to keep people from switching to mobile games. that is from the new york stock exchange for bloomberg news. >> enjoy the holiday week. >> i don't know if other moms and dads did this i did not send the kids to zoom with a jacket and today i am going short sleeves. >> i heard "i didn't send the kids to school." and i thought, kristen sze?
6:48 am
>> i am tiger mom, hear me roar. >> good, they going to have to carry the jacket or theys lose it or leave it especially on a holiday weekend. looking down from mount tamalpais this morning and you can see it is brise in the hills but it is very calm in most other areas and clear. look at lack of cloud cover compared to yesterday, and live doppler 7 hd showing reinforcing of the nation that it is dry out this, no clouds on live doppler 7 hd, and no radar returns, and a great morning of microclimates, 34 in santa rosa to 50 at oakland and 52 in san francisco and 59 at half moon bay and we have fairfield and novato in the upper 30's and everyone else in the low do mid-40's and mid-to-upper 40's around the monterey bay and gilroy is cool at 36 and sunshine is warmer-than-average temperatures through tomorrow and the cooling starts on sunday and wet and cooler pattern on tuesday. today, look at this, low-to-mid
6:49 am
50's in the south bay with san jose at 72 and low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula, and 73 in los altos and mid-to-upper 50's in the coast and downtown and south san francisco and upper 60's to low 70's in the valleys and same type of temperatures along the east bay shore and the valleys and low 70's for you, and low-to-mid 70's around monterey bay and inland valleys. now, tonight, 38 in clover detail and santa rosa and everyone else in the 40's but san francisco, at about 50 degrees. here is the set up, high pressure, up to the not with clock rise know and clouds and fogs and the two areas of high pressure hold through the weekend and headed into tuesday, after the holiday weekend is over and you can see the rain that is developing, when we get this far out, the friday is bigger so not everyone will get a lot of heavy rain and unlawful all the areas will get slow but you get the general idea of what is going to fall over this time
6:50 am
and the rain hangs around for tuesday, but when our rain dwindles on wednesday afternoon, there is still going to be more snow? the sierra, so enjoy the temperatures in the 70's today and tomorrow and take the sunscreen to the beaches and by monday we are 10 or 15 degrees cooler and tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we are stuck in the 50's with the rain chances rolling in. desperately need them, too. have a great weekend. >> i want to show everyone the exclusive yam and we are looking at southbound 880 through hayward we had an early accident blocking the off-ramp and you can see the traffic is now jammed up here and it has been cleared, the accident, and traffic now is backed according to our abc7 app to at least a street with heavy traffic as you make your way sub, and that is one of the main problem spots and an accident in san jose blocking the on-ramp to southbound 880 and we are
6:51 am
looking at slight slowing as you approach that area southbound 880. walnut creek, southbound, 680, past north main and toward the 24 junction, we are looking at pretty much holiday or preholiday light and a lot of people may have taken the day off, so traffic on the bay bridge is light with pretty good commute this morning for the friday morning. kristen and eric? >> we are wondering about that, 6:53. >> five things to know before you go. the morning news r
6:52 am
>> good morning on this friday. the bay bridge, what a gorgeous shot, right? >> obviously, we are having good times here at abc7. >> preholiday friday. >> five things to know before
6:53 am
you go. developing news, the number of injuries is climbing in russia after a meteor exploded over the ural mountains and it is reported up to 1,000 injuries mostly from broken glass. nasa is emphasizing there is in connection between that meteor and an asteroid making a close trip past earth today. >> there was a chase in san francisco resulting in an officer shooting at a car thief suspect ending in a chain reaction crash with five people including the suspect injured. they say the officer feared for his safety and shot at the suspect but did not hit him. >> buses take passengers away this morning from the crippled cruise ship that finally docked in mobile, alabama, overnight, 4,000 family suffering with overflowing toilets and food shortages and no air conditioning since sunday when the fire knocked out power. >> the prosecution will pursue a spread meditated murder charge against olympic track star oscar
6:54 am
pistorius formally charged this morning with murder his girlfriend. his family denied murder in the strongest terms. yesterday his 30-year-old girlfriend, reeva steenkamp was shot and killed. >> people who got vouchers for turning in guns in marin county can redeem the vouchers if -- for cash today. vouchers are redeemed at the civic center from 11:00 this morning until 8:00 p.m. this evening. >> a finally check of the weather that starts out warm and clear. mike? >> absolutely. check out how clear it is. the one lone spot we talked about, there it is, santa rosa, half mile visibility but it will not last so long. calm at the coast and breezy this morning and the winds calm during the afternoon hours and mid-to-upper 60's and the warmth is surging through the bay inland, upper 60's to mid-70's.
6:55 am
enjoy. sue? >> back to the bay bridge toll plaza this is what we call friday lite, the friday before a long holiday week, no metering lights and a live look at berkeley moving nicely as you move into the macarthur maze and an accident out there, the on-ramp to southbound 880, remains blocked and you will find slow traffic also on southbound 880 through the san jose area. >> thank you for joining us. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. breaking news right now. moments of impact. a massive ten-ton meteorite rains down on thousands of people, destroying buildings and causing panic in the streets of eastern russia. extraordinary video coming in all night from cameras across the impact zone. breaking overnight. sounds of joy. the crippled cruise ship finally arrived, as harried passengers
6:59 am
run off and kiss the ground. we'll show you the incredible video from onboard the carnival "triumph," as things went from bad to worse, as we talk live to the passengers. also breaking this morning, olympic hero, oscar pistorius, holds his head in his hands, weeping in court. charged with the murder of his model girlfriend. as cops hold what may be the gun he used to shoot her. we're going to have a baby. >> and special delivery. the street buried in two feet of snow after the massive storm. the mom who couldn't wait for the plows. her whole neighborhood pulling her on a sled to get to the hospital. get ready to meet the miracle blizzard baby. and good morning, america. happy friday to robin, heading into her last weekend before it's back to work. just five mo


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